FN v1.8 is now live!

Hello, everybody!

Our developers have been hard at work making changes to the site. Some of these changes are mostly visual, but there are a few I want to highlight that will make a huge difference.

Featured Submissions

Featured submissions will now appear on the right side of the home page. These are hand chosen by staff, so we’ll be working to try and have a variety of styles featured throughout the upcoming weeks. We especially hope this can help upcoming creators get more attention on the site.

In addition, the home page now contains Recent Submissions. This is a feed that shows a timeline of submissions from people you’ve followed. If you don’t follow many users at this point, recent popular submissions from the site will also appear here. If you prefer the option to view and clear out submissions you’ve already seen, we also have the Inbox option listed in the left menu of the home page.

One issue we wanted to tackle with this update is the difficulty of finding new content creators on the site. Because of this, we now have Promotes Galleries on every user’s page. This appears on the left hand side of all users’ profiles, and it lists all promoted content starting from most recent. In addition, users can now add a Promotes Section on their own profile page if they visually want to show off what they’ve promoted.

At this point, we’re going to work on tweaking some bugs on the site as well as finishing up the commission tool. As we do this, we welcome anyone with feedback to post on our support site. We’re excited for what the next weeks bring!


Change Log

  • Recent Submissions. View recent submission from users you follow by submission type on the homepage. This is the equivalent of the “Following” section on the current homepage, but in gallery form.
  • Keep fresh content on the homepage gallery. If a user doesn’t follow very many characters, or the people they’re following aren’t posting frequently, items published by anyone within the last day with at least two promotes will help populate the gallery.
  • Left sidebar. In the left sidebar of the homepage, there now exists a section called “Your Community” with links to Home, Activity History, Inbox and Favorites. The second section, “Your Profile”, contains links to edit your profile, manage submissions, import data and commissions.
  • Right sidebar. The right sidebar displays four featured commission artists with a “view more” link to the Commissions landing page. Below featured artists there are sections for featured media type of the day for Artwork, Photos, Stories, and Multimedia.
  • Featured content. The featured content in the right sidebar can be set by an admin.
  • Added promotes section/gallery on each user’s profile. A link exists in the left nav menu of a user’s profile that allows you to view their promotes.

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