New Staff, Changes, & What’s to Come

Hello, everyone!

This small update is coming from someone you haven’t heard from before. My name is Digby, and I will be working as the site community manager for Furry Network as we work towards the full release of the website!

A Taste of What’s to Come

Furry Network development has been on hold over the past few months, but now that we have the manpower (or foxpower, I suppose), we are expecting updates to roll out over the next couple of months. We have revised the Code of Conduct and the Acceptable Upload Policy in order to add clarity to the rules; this revision will outline content appropriate for the three content ratings and clarify the purpose for the rules in place. We are also preparing the commission tool for live user testing.

We know you’re excited for our commissions system, and we are, too! In the near future, we will ask for volunteers to help test commissions. Be sure to keep your eyes on our Twitter account for the chance to get involved in our testing and the project’s ongoing development!

We’ve had some great ideas and received lots of suggestions for how we can improve the community involvement aspects of the site for both artists and followers. As we near the full release of the site, we will begin to hold our first artistic competitions! Some contests will focus on artistic prompts while others will throw in added challenges. If you’re not an artist, don’t worry – we’ll have opportunities for all types of content creators (and even if you’ve never made anything before)! We hope to give recognition to your individual way of expressing creativity. If you can make it, we want to celebrate it.

About Digby

Hi, I’m a fox, and I’m new here!

I first discovered the furry fandom around 2002, and have been active on and off in it for 10 years. Of course, for the sake of uniqueness, I chose a fox fursona. I’ve written several small fictional pieces within the fandom, and I tried my hand at publishing a series of short story publications. Outside of the fandom, I perform improv comedy, and I volunteer for gaming charity events. My favorite movie is Troll 2, and I make the best lasagna in the world.

We all look forward to making this the most exciting site for the fandom!

-Digby and the Furry Network team