Beta keys are out!

We just sent out another wave of beta keys to those who filled out our survey. Check your mail – there might be a key waiting just for you!

The import tool is now fixed, upgraded and better than ever – complete with a progress bar! If you have issues with it, please remember to submit a bug report on it.

If you didn’t get a key but have filled out our survey, don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about you. We will be adding more users as the site becomes more complete, culminating in a full-scale load test! We are excited as you for the new site and want the best experience for everyone.

Having trouble or need a helping hand with the beta? Hit us up on Twitter, or for bug reports, use the ‘feedback’ button on the bottom left of the page:

Screenshot 2015-09-24 18.21.24

Thanks everyone!

Varka and the Furry Network team

Code Update & Admin Functionality – September 23rd

Hello all!

It’s been 3 weeks since our last blog post on Furry Network, and we’ve been hard at work! We have been focusing on admin functionality, site layout tweaks and squashing existing bugs. If you’re still waiting for a beta key, have patience – we’ll resume sending them out once we’ve ironed out some issues with the import tool (which is currently broken, but which we expect to be fixed in a day or two).

We are excited for the future, as we’re getting close to being ‘feature complete’ for the general site functionality. Next on our roadmap is content organization, commission management and stories!


  • Flag Post functionality! You can now report posts for Code of Conduct violations right from the post page. The flag reasons are still placeholders for now – but it’s working!Screenshot 2015-09-23 15.01.42
  • Updated language on importer tool for clarity and to communicate security of passwords (we don’t store them, we use them only for import)
  • Updated registration form content and layout for improved understanding
  • Fixed message inbox layout issues reported by some users
  • Fixed errors with following/unfollowing users from artwork pages
  • Fixed blacklist redirects that would cause an infinite loop
  • Fixed display name not updating in header
  • Fixed count displaying for following and followers modal in IE
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements to the API
  • Users can no longer follow themselves
  • Comments can now be deleted when viewing on a mobile device
  • It’s now prevented to add the same tag to interest and blacklists
  • Homepage and activity feed bugs with displaying the wrong author of comments
  • Improvements to the fresh and popular feeds
  • Implemented function for thumbnail items to ease up on the CPU usage when scrolling through large sets of images
  • Fixed issue with tags longer than 30 characters
  • Fixed issues with feeds crashing on certain devices to improve gallery performance
  • Fixed issues with follow/following self, adding same tag to interests/blacklists, and posts displaying with wrong author
  • Fixed line breaks not appearing in private messages
  • Profiles have been updated to allow users to customize with markdown
  • Search/filters on feeds stay open to inform users of options to refine results


Admin Functionality

Most of the new features this week are behind the scenes, focusing on our admin functionality and workflows for handling things like reporting users, content and on-site messaging. It’s almost complete – we have built a purpose-designed ticketing system into the site, which makes it easy for our moderation team to keep track of issues and proactively tackle troublemakers as well as make it easy to correct small things (like a mis-tagged image) quickly, without it being a big deal.
As competent, proactive, effective moderation is a key component of any successful site, we know that being able to efficiently handle incidents as they happen is a real benefit to the community. Combined with consistent policies and enforcement, we know that you’ll appreciate the end result and are confident it’ll be worth the wait.

Beta Keys

As Furry Network is a true ‘beta’ – that is, an opportunity for us to get real users in to find bugs and point out flaws, and to try out the site before it’s officially ready, bugs and all – we are taking it slow when it comes to handing out beta keys. We want the site to be ready for everyone when we launch, and for the majority of users to have an excellent experience. We know it can be frustrating waiting and waiting for a key – but we are totally confident that you’ll love it when it’s done!

As mentioned earlier, we will resume sending out beta invites once we have the import tool working properly; we’ve made a lot of improvements to its performance and reliability including auto-cancel of failed imports and tweaks to better handle the peak import loads we typically see when people first join the site. We expect a fix to be ready in the next day or two.

Bug Reports

Thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports via the ‘feedback’ tool on the beta site; they have been invaluable in figuring out which issues are the biggest pain points for users, what things could use improvement, and solving some really weird bugs. You’re all heroes. Keep up the good work reporting bugs and we’ll keep on squishing them!


Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your participation and interest! We cannot wait for the site to be finished, but we also know that it’s only the beginning. Code is only a very small part of a successful community – and we’re committed to giving all aspects the attention and care they need!

Varka and the Furry Network team

Code Update & More Keys – 1st September

Hello everyone!

We’ve been hard at work implementing administration functionality to the site, and are making good progress. Today, we pushed a bug-fix update that includes the following tweaks/fixes:

  • Flagging of content is now supported for any artwork or photos added to the site. See below for more about content flags
  • Character profiles have been improved to be more robust and allow for more customization and control. Introducing markdown in the character profiles!
  • Enhanced user settings menu gives users access to various account settings, quicker managing of submissions and more. Menu options all in one place? Done!
  • Importer performance has been improved. Harder, better, stronger, faster
  • Popular feed loading issue was corrected. Now featuring scrolling past the first page
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements across the site

Administration Tools

Our team’s been focusing on administrative functionality for Furry Network, in particular flagging, ticket queues and other behind-the-scenes items that are essential to the smooth operation of a popular furry site. We thought we’d share with you this little sneak peek of flagging posts for moderator attention:


(Note, the ‘flag reasons’ are placeholders – we’ll be doing a final list of these as we complete the Code of Conduct).

More beta keys!

We also sent out another wave of beta keys today; check your mail to see if you’ve got one. If you haven’t filled out our beta application form, it’s not too late! We’ll be releasing these on a regular basis as new features need testing.

Thanks everyone!

Varka and the Furry Network team