Our Current Development

Hello, everyone!

The recent changes to the site appear to be working well, and the layout has had some substantial improvements, especially in helping share others’ submissions. I’ve personally enjoyed going through users’ promote lists and finding new artists that I could follow. If you haven’t done so yet, I’d recommend browsing a bit and checking out others’ promotes – you’re bound to find something new!

Our current large project is with wrapping up the commission system. The backend has most of the kinks straightened out, and now we’re working to make this both easy to use and attractive. We want this to have the flexibility you need while staying simple enough for new sellers to use without a manual.

Another exciting thing we’re looking into is the ability of cross-promotion with other sites. We realize that some users, especially those who are just joining, may not have the biggest audience. Fortunately, we have some connections with larger sites, and we’re working on providing an advertising service for those. We know that costs are something that sellers want to minimize, so we’re aiming on making this service free for all users.

We’re excited to see what comes next. Stay tuned!