FN v1.4.0 Release and Change Log

Hello, everyone!

As we work towards commission changes, we had several smaller issues needing to be cleared up. One of the larger changes deals with announcements; site admins can now send an announcement to all users on the site. The notification can be dismissed in the “What’s New” feed. If we have any important or urgent news, we’ll send a notification through that system.

The next update is expected to make improvements to site navigation. We’ll also be laying the groundwork for some large changes with the commission system.

Change Log

  • Site status announcements can be added by admins. These announcements will appear on all users’ timelines and can be dismissed like other newsfeed items.
  • Added a flag reason of “Suspected Plagiarism.”
  • MP3s with ID3 tags can be uploaded.
  • Restricted medium options in request commission modal to the artist’s selected mediums.
  • NSFW pricesheets now display by default when viewer has mature/explicit filters set.
  • Fix to immediately crop uploaded images to the various required sizes.
  • Optimizations for loading times in Community galleries.

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