Furry Network Beta Preview

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since our public announcement, and we’ve been hard at work getting everything ready for you. We are pleased to say we have some screenshots to show you!

First up, our index page! This is also used to show search results.

Our 'image list' page; used for latest uploads, most popular and your favorites.

Our ‘image list’ page; used for latest uploads, most popular and your favorites. The thumbnails are square – you’ll be able to pick your own crop of the image.

Next, we have the ‘view single image’ page. It doesn’t show it yet, but there’ll be forward/back button so you can navigate effortlessly amongst search results or a given artist’s profile:

What viewing a single image looks like. Notice the details are all 'below the fold'.

What viewing a single image looks like. Note, there’s more information as you scroll down.

You’ll notice that all the details are ‘below the fold’ – this is so the artwork is front and center! Further down the page there’s comments on the left, and other works (later, including ‘similar / relevant’ works), along with a nice tag interface (not shown yet).

Post View Page - Scrolled down

The same page, scrolled down to see comments, tags and other work from this artist.

Next we have the artist profile page. This is several things all listed in a dynamic layout – the first thing you’ll notice is the big banner art at the top of the page. This expands when you scroll up and shrinks when you scroll down – which lets you personalize your profile page with some great art.

User Profile Page

There are tabs in the middle, which lets you categorize your works – we are currently testing a couple of different approaches here, including adding the ability to add custom tabs for organizing your works.

Scroll up and you’ll be able to see the image the user has chosen as their header image. This is a great way of exhibiting what you’re all about!

User Profile Header

Scroll down, and you’ll see details of their activity and interests:

User Page Down

All types of content and activity will be filterable, so you can choose what you do and don’t want to see.

One thing we’re working on is allowing you to have the choice to separate your public and private activity – say, you want to publically promote some artwork you think is great, but you’d prefer to keep artwork you favorite private – we are going to be offering a way to do that. From our research a lot of people would like the ability to ‘collect’ art they love and organize it in a private way – and this is a step in that direction.

Organizing art you’ve created or commissioned can be hard work – so we’ve put together an amazing interface to help people do just that. You can upload files en masse via drag and drop, and use our intuitive tagging and editing interface to prepare them for public (or private) exhibition.

Edit Post Page

And yes – you can select (and edit) multiple submissions at the same time!

Edit Post Multiple

Journals will be supported, as will stories, animations and other kinds of content (including videos and flash files). We’re aiming high with our maximum file size – several gigabytes.

Now, these are more than just mere mockups or screenshots. Everything shown here today is code-complete, and is now live in our public closed beta! If you recieved a beta code at BLFC, we will follow up with a link for you to sign up later tomorrow (Monday 17th August 2015).

Don’t have a code yet? Fill out this brief survey for a chance to participate:

Furry Network Beta Survey

We hope you’re as excited about these developments as we are – and we’re committed to making a great site that the fandom can call home!

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter, where we’ll be making regular posts highlighting other aspects of the site we’re developing!

Thanks everyone for your support and interest! 😀

Varka, and the Furry Network team

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