Code Update & More Keys – 1st September

Hello everyone!

We’ve been hard at work implementing administration functionality to the site, and are making good progress. Today, we pushed a bug-fix update that includes the following tweaks/fixes:

  • Flagging of content is now supported for any artwork or photos added to the site. See below for more about content flags
  • Character profiles have been improved to be more robust and allow for more customization and control. Introducing markdown in the character profiles!
  • Enhanced user settings menu gives users access to various account settings, quicker managing of submissions and more. Menu options all in one place? Done!
  • Importer performance has been improved. Harder, better, stronger, faster
  • Popular feed loading issue was corrected. Now featuring scrolling past the first page
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements across the site

Administration Tools

Our team’s been focusing on administrative functionality for Furry Network, in particular flagging, ticket queues and other behind-the-scenes items that are essential to the smooth operation of a popular furry site. We thought we’d share with you this little sneak peek of flagging posts for moderator attention:


(Note, the ‘flag reasons’ are placeholders – we’ll be doing a final list of these as we complete the Code of Conduct).

More beta keys!

We also sent out another wave of beta keys today; check your mail to see if you’ve got one. If you haven’t filled out our beta application form, it’s not too late! We’ll be releasing these on a regular basis as new features need testing.

Thanks everyone!

Varka and the Furry Network team

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