Collections/Folders, slideshow and user finder live!

Collections / Folders

After several weeks of work, we are happy to report that Collections (which work similarly to Folders on other sites), are live! You can now organize your art any way you please:


To add items to a collection, use the ‘Manage Artwork’ tool to create a new collection (on the left), then add images to that collection in a similar way to tagging them:


You can apply an image to as many collections as you like; you could choose to have one for sketches, one for commissions, another for that comic you made… It’s intended to make it so you can exhibit your work the way YOU want, and to help make it easier for other users to find your work.

There are a couple of known bugs with collections; the first is that automatically creating new collections isn’t working yet; you have to create one on the left of the screen before you add it on the right. This will be fixed in our next weekly update. If you see other bugs, please report them using the ‘feedback’ button as normal!


Slideshows are a new feature intended to make it easier to browse through an artist’s gallery without any other distracting elements on the page. With hotkeys for common actions, it’s now faster than ever to browse through content that interests you!

To use the Slideshow, simply click on an image to enlarge it, and use the arrows on the sides of the screen, or your keyboard’s arrow keys to move back and forth. (Other hotkeys are available – see the ‘show hotkeys’ section at the bottom of the image while in slideshow mode). It’ll automatically use the most sensible source of images (eg, the index page you were last looking at) for the source of images.


Forward and back arrows are also present on mobille for easy navigation through results; if you’re interested in us extending this slideshow functionality to mobile use, please let us know via the feedback form!

2015-10-18 16.11.34

Community Tab / User Finder

By popular request, we’ve also added a tool that lets you see ALL users on the site, as well as those who follow you, or you follow. The ability to search for users by username is coming soon – and we hope to extend the Community functionality in line with the requests of you – the community!!

browse users

What will be done by launch?

We have finalized the scope of features we’ll be implementing for the site’s official launch, and are in the home stretch!
Some of the features that have made the final cut for our anticipated launch include:
  • Commissioning functionality, including commissions management, ability to request a commission, on-site messaging, attachments, on-site payments (including for adult content), and robust buyer & seller protection.
  • Multimedia support, including native mp4 video, FLV’s, and other content types
  • Easier blacklisting support, with sample categories of content to exclude upon signup
  • Story support!

Full Changelog

  • Submissions can now be categorized into Collections
  • Profiles have been updated to accommodate Collections on the Artwork/Photos tabs and include several updates to profile settings where banners and avatars can now be managed
  • More admin tools have been added
  • Importer fixes and updates
  • Community section is now live with an ability to browse popular and fresh artists
  • Updates to editing of bio section so there’s only one save button and no information gets lost
  • Custom cropper language has been updated with more information on what the tool does
  • Improvements to adult content visibility and access throughout the site
  • Began building out backend support for collections
  • Began reworking character profiles for collections support
Thanks everyone!
-Varka and the Furry Network team

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