Commission Rules – Deadlines

Hello, everyone!

Last Tuesday, we posted about the rules surrounding commissions and how we’re hoping to standardize many of the terms of service used throughout the fandom. We asked for some opinions about what rules should be left to the artists and which we should have standard across the site. The largest discussion topic dealt with deadlines.

Allow deadline flexibility within certain standards

A handful of people who reached out to us talked about their experiences with commissions that were never finished:

I myself have had an experience where I never received a commission after paying. These stories happen all throughout the fandom – most sellers are good at finishing work, but there’s always the risk that a commission never gets finished.

However, sellers do need some level of freedom to create their own timetable. Because of this, we’re planning to have a six-month hard deadline for commissions. Sellers may establish an earlier deadline for themselves, and if it will take longer, they should check in with the buyer to make sure the new deadline will work. However, we expect all commissions to be finished within six months; if the commission is not finished by then, the buyer will receive a full refund.

I understand there may be some circumstances that warrant a longer time frame, and if those come up, we’ll consider them on a case-by-case basis.

Thank you again for all your excitement! Tomorrow, we plan on rolling out a site update that will fix some bugs on the site and add new features to the commission system.


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