Furry Network 1.3 Update

We’ve been working with the commission tool lately. While we have some big plans for the future, this update specifically focuses on refining that tool and making sure that what we have works well. This also lays the groundwork for future commission updates on the site.

If you experience any issues with Furry Network, please clear your cache and attempt it again. If you still have issues, please submit a ticket to our support forums.

Change Log

  • Created SFW/NSFW versions of the price sheet; both can be updated by sellers open for commissions


  • Included a “medium” option when opening up for commissions; this will appear once we enter public testing


  • Added text to Account Settings page stating that commission payments will be made to sellers to the PayPal address associated with the account’s email address.
  • Added commission button to the bottom of the price sheet
  • Added indication that an image has finished uploading to a commission
  • Added option to receive an email when commission status is changed
  • Changed user references on file uploads in commission tool to accurately reflect who uploaded a file
  • Fixed 502 error when a user clicks the profile picture in the commission tool
  • Fixed scrolling issue where site auto-scrolls to top in galleries
  • Removed notifications from yourself when updating commissions

Future Changes in the Works

  • Add WYSIWYG text editor to the site
  • Resolve issues with some MP3s not uploading to the site
  • Add optional comment section for users’ profiles
  • Add ability to flag a commission after it’s finished
  • Revamp the Activity Feed into a more usable timeline
  • Add moderation tools
  • Include “Open for Commissions” badge that appears on submission thumbnails and next to user names
  • Change community commission page layout
  • Add cross-site advertisement option
  • Add announcements

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