New round of updates – and more invite codes

Hello everyone!

Today, we have launched our latest update to Furry Network. As part of this process, we’ve sent out another wave of beta keys! Check your email to see if you got one. Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey / beta application form – we’ll be doing another round soon.

Our survey form has produced some very useful insights as to who wants to use the site and why. Some of your explanations were very clear, detailed and lucid – so again, thank you for being so productive with your input.

Of course, I know you’re all dying to know what the distribution of answers to the last (and most important) question was:

Screenshot 2015-08-25 01.01.19

It’s official. 10% of respondents hate Haddaway’s “What Is Love”. What a shocker.

This Week’s Bug Fixes

This week’s bug fixes include the following:

  • Various bug fixes from community feedback:
    • Import tool now uploads from oldest to newest. If you’ve got a bunch of artwork in reverse order, you’ll probably want to delete those submissions and re-run the importer tool, so it’s ordered correctly.
    • Ad blockers no longer block follow buttons
    • Flashes of adult content upon page load fixed
    • Adult titles are now hidden if adult content is turned off, and adult content in avatars and banners does not show in character profile feeds
    • Fixed import tool so descriptions are correctly imported. Again, you’ll likely want to delete affected submissions and re-run the importer to fix them.
    • Verification emails can now be resent. Look for the link after signup.
    • Fixed issue with birthdates set to 1/1/1970
    • General fixes to import tool authentication errors. If you’re still having trouble with the importer, try going into your account settings on the site you’re importing from and turning off some of the restrictions, to see if it helps.
  • Furry Network emails should no longer end up in spam
  • Links to Twitter and Blog added to homepage
  • Continued performance improvements and monitoring. We are also doing staff training for how to manage the performance of the site and keep things running fast.
  • View count tracking implemented (not visible to users yet!)

New Bug / Feedback Form

We’ve implemented a new bug / feedback form! If you click the ‘Feedback’ button on the bottom right of the beta site, it will open up a comment box and screenshot editor. Simply enter your email address and a detailed summary of the bug, and it’ll automatically submit a screenshot to us along with logs to help us diagnose the issue.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 21.04.18

What’s more is you can also circle and highlight things on the page, as well as add annotations and notes, to explain what you’re seeing! We think this submission form will make things easier for everyone to improve the site.

Screenshot 2015-08-25 21.02.04

As always, we continue to welcome feedback and comments as well as actual bug reports. Is something confusing? Highlight it and show us!

This Week’s Focus

This week, we’ll be focusing our development on admin tools – flagging functionality site-wide, administrator accounts that can help you with your account, and an admin ticket queue. A good site is founded on great moderation – and having the tools to do that is key.

Let us know what you think of the site in our feedback form, or hit us up on Twitter!.



Varka and the Furry Network team

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