Another week, another update! (October 1st)

Another week, another raft of improvements and updates! We’re getting close to finishing up on the administration tools and adding some final polish to the usability of the site – especially folders and collections. We’ll be figuring out the final schedule for launch as well as the ‘must haves’ before the site goes live.


  • Import tool improvements
  • User and character rap sheets (admin tool)
  • Added view for users to manage tickets for their submissions (user/admin tool)
  • Added link to message a user from their profile
  • Users can full size image of artwork on individual submission pages
  • Added Following feed to the browser/discover section to see updates from artists you follow
  • The site now remembers which gallery tab user last clicked when navigating throughout the site
  • Added polling to messages and tickets to speed up performance
  • Updates to birthdate text on account registration screen for improved clarity
  • Conversation and notification improvements throughout the site
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

We’re working on rounding out the administration tools and nailing down a list of features needed for launch, as well as working on some fun mockups of our ‘collections’ functionality (intended to work similarly to folders, but more flexible), as well as the navigation and layout changes needed to keep the experience slick and easy to use.

Pasted image at 2015_09_25 09_55 AM

More beta keys!

We also sent out another round of beta keys, as well as contacted some of those who are already in the beta with additional keys to give to friends. If you know someone already on the beta, you might want to see if they have one they could give you…

Thanks everyone!

Varka and the Furry Network team

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