Layout updates: submissions, browsing, forward/back – and more beta keys!

New layout!

Today we released a big layout update based on feedback we’ve received from you all; you’ll notice that viewing a submission is substantially different now, with the ability to browse through submissions without having to hit ‘back’. We also reworked comments and tags to be more visible; we hope you like it and welcome your feedback (through the ‘feedback’ button on the bottom left, as always).

Screenshot 2015-10-07 17.40.34


  • Gallery navigation added below singe artwork submissions for browsing through a series or feed of images
  • Navigation while browsing full size images is now supported on click or with arrow keys
  • A whole bunch of admin tool tweaks
  • New submission layout to better highlight tags and download/promote/favorite buttons
  • Submission descriptions no longer have 1,000 character limit to allow for longer captions
  • Registrations are driven across the site when users are taking actions which require an account or login
  • Flag reasons below submission link now open ticket for easier admin access
  • Promote/download/favorite options on artwork are now hidden for underage users on adult content

This week, we’re working on:

  • Community section
  • Character profile gallery layout
  • Finishing up administration tools
  • Finalizing user content flags by content type
  • Multi-factor security for Admin level access

More Keys!

That’s right – another week, another wave of keys. This should close out pretty much all the applications we got for keys during the beta; let us know if you haven’t got yours yet and we’ll see about getting you hooked up with one.

Tell your friends

Do you like what’s come of Furry Network so far? Excited to see it be released, and become a thing? The best thing you can do is show it to your friends and get them excited too. To support this, if you hit us up on Twitter, we’ll send you keys you can give to friends, so they can give it a try too. You can also get keys by messaging Varka on the Furry Network site directly:


We hope you’ve had a great week and we look forward to seeing you on Furry Network! ❤

Varka and the Furry Network team

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