Policy Changes and Updates – February 2017

Hello, everyone!

As we are moving closer to testing the Furry Network Commission Tool, we have worked to clarify policies and add documentation about how information gathered on the site is used.

Acceptable Upload Policy

We have added guidelines in our Acceptable Upload Policy for game and program screenshots. These will be considered artwork and should include content that has been created by the user. Made a detailed red panda model on Second Life? Show it off! Modded a Khajiit to have Nigel Thornberry’s nose? A little odd, but sure, upload it!

Screenshots of things that were already in programs or games won’t be permitted. Yes, we know that black chocobo in Final Fantasy XV is adorable, but screenshots wouldn’t be allowed since they would not contain user-created content.

Privacy Policy

Furry Network has also put together our Privacy Policy. This policy shows the ways that information is gathered by the site and how that information may be used. Most of the information gathered goes towards improving the site and analyzing its current tools. We value our members’ privacy, and information will only be used as detailed in this policy.

If for some reason information does need to be used in another way, the policy will be revised, and we will post an update outlining that change.

What’s Next

The development team is currently working on an update for Furry Network. We will roll out several bug fixes, but the biggest change will be with sorting by popularity. Currently, sorting by popularity always shows the same images; this will be fixed to show submissions with the most activity. You will be able to sort by weekly, monthly, or lifetime popularity. We want your outstanding art to be seen by the community, and this will help veterans and newcomers alike to get their work out in the open.

Shortly after we have rolled out the site update, we will begin testing the commission tool. For now, sellers are being hand-picked to test, but any Furry Network users will be able to purchase commissions. We still have a few slots open for sellers, so if you are interested in helping test the commission tool, feel free to fill out our volunteer application.

We appreciate the talent and the warm-hearted nature of this community!

-Digby and the Furry Network team

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